What We’ve Done_

Turning the wheels of an Agricultural Revolution.

We’re turning the tide in nature’s favour. GreenBio helps farmers improve their farming techniques. The result is more profit, nurtured farmland and better quality, ethical and hormone-free meat for everyone. The story we’re creating for GreenBio isn’t only getting their business returns, it’s helping create an active agricultural industry network that is so much more valuable.

- 650% increase in audience size.
- Leads generated from 3 continents.
- Titans in agriculture joining the  GreenBio story.

1000s of South Africans See Snow For The First Time.

Music festivals are melting pots for moments of magic; first kisses, getting lost, getting found, heart-stopping drops and sharing it all with thousands Pop Bottles created South Africa’s first hip-hop ski festival in Lesotho, we created the story for it, and with 90% of the tickets sold out a week before the festival we’re taking thousands of South Africans to see snow for the first time.

- 90% of tickets sold before the event.
- 2 million impressions.

Continuing a 184-year old tradition for Ring Wraps.

Receiving a university class ring at graduation is a 184-year tradition in America. Some students receive a class ring from a family with 10 generations of ring bearers.

Many are the first in their family to get one. Each ring carries 184 years of tradition.

- R1 000 000 in revenue generated from R150 000 in advertising spend
- 700% return on investment

Helped EasyKnock acquire funding for the future of property.

EasyKnock helps people buy and sell houses in a way previously unheard of.

EasyKnock needed 4000 leads in 6 months to qualify for venture capital funding and bring their business to life.

- Generated 4000 leads in 3-months, beating our goal in half the time required.

Bringing Titans of the broadcasting industry together.

SES Industry Days Africa is one of the most influential technology and broadcasting events in Africa, titans in the broadcasting industry come together to look through a collective lens and create a better connected and informed continent equipped for opportunity.

Our pre-event marketing content and strategy resulted in the most attended SES event to date. They were expecting 150 C-suite attendees - we gave them 367.



simple, direct, effective

- 2 Platforms (Facebook, Instagram)
- 8 Social Media Posts (Newsfeed/Stories)
- 2x Social Media Videos
(30 Seconds Each)

R 26,886/pm
6-Month Retainer
R 23,309/pm
12-Month Retainer (20% Off)


descriptive, future-proof,


- 2 Platforms (Facebook, Instagram)
- 12 Social Media Posts (Newsfeed/Stories)
- 2x Social Media Videos
(1x 30 Seconds & 1x 1 Min)

R 40,185/pm
6-Month Retainer
R 34,827/pm
12-Month Retainer (20% Off)


elegant, compelling,


- 3 Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
- 20 Social Media Posts (Newsfeed/Stories)
- 4x Social Media Videos
(2x 30 Seconds & 2x 1 Min)

R 87,735/pm
6-Month Retainer
R 75,725/pm
12-Month Retainer (20% Off)
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